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Gravity, U.S.A. by Jacqueline Jones LaMon



“With her debut, Jacqueline Jones LaMon graces us with a collection both intro spective and out of body, her poems taking on the weight of the everyday  world, and the extraordinary within it. GRAVITY, USA is not just a book filled  with a subtle, sorrowful, and ultimately brazen power, but a place where you’ll  want to visit, and stay.” —Kevin Young

“Jacqueline Jones LaMon’s poems are beautiful, full of elegant restraint and subtle observations . . . .” —Catherine Bowman

“Jacqueline Jones LaMon has a wonderful ability to hear what the rest of us  don’t, and the great gift of being able to dramatize the unheard and the half-spoken . . . . This is a book of marvelous voices and portraits, an impressive debut collection.” —Maura Stanton

“In lively, resonant language, [the poems of GRAVITY, USA] show again and again the necessary reaching toward song that connects us.” —Natasha Trethewey

“In this bravo performance, Ms. J. LaMon uses her gorgeous poetic “vocabulary,” to translate keen observations and exquisite moments into poems so lyrically delicious you want to lick them with your eyes.” —Wanda Coleman

“These poems are so precise and natural that you may not, at first, notice the room and weight they are making in you—the lines break, the lines surprise, the lines ride through some very honest regions of witnessing and listening. A powerful balance is at work . . . .” —Thomas Sayers Ellis

“Jacqueline Jones LaMon’s poems embody a stillness and grace. They illuminate the mysterious distances between us that are essential to love.” —Toi Derricotte

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